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Originally posted to AO3 on 6/10/2017

Ring'd With the Azure World
Fandom: Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion
Pairings: Gandalf/Radagast, Gwaihir/Meneldor
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 5,167
AO3 tags: Giant Eagle Incest, Istari Angst, Het Bird Sex, Maiar Slash, Eagles Are Not Kindly Birds
Warnings: Incest among consenting giant eagle siblings. Fish death.

Summary:As Olórin and Aiwendil, two of the Maiar who will become the Istari, travel from Valinor to Middle-earth via Giant Eagle Airlines over the Sundering Sea, they experience some in-flight turbulence. Eagles are not servants, and the minor inconvenience of passengers does nothing to deter them from their own necessities and pleasures.

In love with one another and fearful of what lies ahead, the future Gandalf and Radagast don't mind using the detour for an interlude of their own.

Written for lydiabennet/Teasel in the 2017 Fandom Trumps Hate Auction. Thank you so much for your generous donations to Natural Resources Defense Council and The Nature Conservancy.

Part 2 of the Eyrie Tales trilogy, stories centered on the giant eagles of Middle-earth.


Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:19 pm
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I'm pleased to report that Special Agent Kheldar passed his annual fitness check with flying colours today. He's had his vaccination boosters, a worming tablet, and a full physical. The vet reports that he is in remarkably good health for a cat of his age and that there should be no concerns about his ability to continue in his role as Head of Household Security.

Kheldar claimed that his continuing good health is down to sun patches, sleeping, and gooshy food before trotting outside for his evening patrol.

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So, on Sunday, I was all excited because my period wasn't due until after today's surgery date, right?

Guess what surprised me on Monday morning.

One last "FUCK YOU!" from my uterus. My department chair blames the eclipse, since it apparently wonked out many people's periods. Whatevs. At least the worst days are usually the first two. There's cramping and still some actual blood, not clumps of blood and tissue, but I can still have my operation on my period, so I'm dealing. By tonight, I don't have to worry about that ever again. EVER. AGAIN.

I am so beyond happy about that.

Also, people in the range of the eclipse on Monday - OMG was that not cool?! We weren't in the totality path, but we had about 82% totality. It was definitely worth the "instructional time" lost. It was so amazingly cool! The students were dismissed to the football field at 2 - if they had their safety release forms and approved eyewear (everything they wanted to use had to be signed off on by an earth science teacher for liability purposes). I had a few kids staying in my class, but we as a building had decided we'd stay behind and take turns going outside to look and managing the kids who were left. We ended up needing three rooms for the whole building's worth of kids without forms. I put the streaming feed on and had it projected on my whiteboard so the kids could watch.

I also had one student who had a form, signed and approved, but had left her glasses at home. So, when it was my turn to go look, I'd see for a half a minute or so, then go back inside and pass them along to her (these were given out by our science department, so I KNOW they're approved eyewear), so she could go see for a few seconds. I also let a couple of the substitute teachers borrow my glasses so they could go and take a look.

I'm kind of annoyed that my kids weren't as enamored with the experience as I was. A lot of them complained yesterday that it was "hot and kind of boring" to be out and watching the eclipse. I guess they're jaded? But, DUDE, the freaking moon cut us off from the sun!!! Fortunately, I had a few in each class who were excited by what they experienced on Monday. I even had a student from my last period class talk about their family's trip to Tennessee over the weekend so they could be in the path of totality. That, the class thought was cool. The way my student described it made it sound super cool.

So, I've got another hour in which I can drink what remains of my 4oz of water. Then, I'm done with ingesting things until post-op. We're leaving the house around 10:30, to be at the hospital at noon. It shouldn't take that long, but I'd rather be early than late. Surgery is currently scheduled for 2:30. I've done the two showers with the hibiclens stuff, I've kept away from the (delicious) green tea. I'm more than ready to get this over with. No more uterus. No more cancer. I'm done. Make them go away.
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- Rainbow over the Westward Ho beached on Ynys Echni, aka Flat Holm, in the Bristol Channel.

Rainbow over the Westward Ho beached on Ynys Echni, Flat Holm, Bristol Channel 10-16

Rainbow seen from Ynys Echni, Flat Holm, Bristol Channel 10-16

- Historical reconstructionist Paganism: good to see that the wolf named Hater didn't eat the Sun woman, "the sky's bright bride", in the US yesterday and I'm amused that the small percentage of neo-Pagans who're also neo-nazis were supposed to spend the day acknowledging and celebrating the victory of enlightenment over hate and haters, lol. I hope y'all enjoyed the lightshow!

- Kickass Drag Queen, starring Bob the Drag Queen, seems to be turning into an ongoing comic? The original pilot story about saving Pocket Gay (8pg), and the first episode in which there's a plot to make basic straight girls everywhere feel insecure, pt1 (9pg) and pt2 (9pg), lol especially at the pilot ep.

- Reading, books 2017: 85.

80. Bramton Wick, by Elizabeth Fair, 1952, novel (strictly probably a novella). A lightly observant account of a limited rural social circle with the sort of people who mostly don't have to work to earn their living, think four bedroomed houses are poky, and have hired domestic help even post-war. As my faithful readers will have inferred from the title of this book there are lesbians within, although Miss Tiger Garrett is a marginally more subtle stereotype than Angela Thirkell's 1940 debut Miss Hampton. Her partner is Miss Bunty Selbourne and they breed dogs like all good middle class 1950s English lesbians (no reform school for these two, lol) although, disappointingly, the story reveals they have separate bedrooms. Unusually well-paced and structured for a first novel imo, which is especially difficult to achieve in a story relying much more on social observation than plot. Thanks to slemslempike for the rec. (3.5/5, goodreads = 21 ratings / 4 reviews 4/5)

Third fic rec for 221b-recs

Aug. 22nd, 2017 12:20 am
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Curse of the Were-Tuna, by WhoGroovesOn:

This is such a wet'n'wild ride. Check it out!
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Eight episodes was probably a good length for The Defenders, both because it made for a quick watch and because it was, like, an inch deep.

The Defenders )

Given the way this season has been going I should probably talk about the last couple of episodes of Game of Thrones before the finale either leaks or some intern at HBO accidentally posts it.

GoT, eps 5 & 6 )

following up on my previous post

Aug. 20th, 2017 11:53 pm
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And then I accidentally watched four episodes. Now it's midnight and I still need to take a shower.

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1. Saw the Rifftrax Doctor Who event Thursday night. "Five Doctors" is one of my favorites, and it was hilarious hearing the Rifftrax gents give their commentary/jokes.

2. Got my long term sub set. They're coming tomorrow and Tuesday to shadow me.


4. Seeing my Anime Club on Friday seriously made my week. I miss all my students, but I miss that group most of all when I'm not in school. They are the best!

5. OMG there was a hot air balloon near our house today! We went outside to get a better look, and followed it out to the traffic light (then had to walk back home) to watch it attempt to find a landing site.

6. Getting NHS stuff squared away as best I can before I go. I've got some probation letters to fill in and print, and maybe some letters for application packets. We'll see how it goes. We've at least got the list of eligible students to send invites/applications to.

7. Fire Drill on Friday during the humidity = not fun.

8. Yesterday was Power Rangers Day. Marathon of Power Rangers. I'm seven episodes from the end of season one of Mighty Morphin. I started around episode 24 yesterday, I think. Seriously, I watched about 30 episodes. It was amazing and crazy and I never realized exactly how horribly everyone treats Bulk and Skull. I mean, yes, they're bullies, but the Rangers give as good as they get, if not more so. I'm getting tired of watching Bulk end up covered in whatever goo of the day he gets knocked into or hit with. But, oh, I'd forgotten how much I loved the buildup for Tommy & Kimberly. That first kiss was adorable.

9. One of my Anime Club kids went to a comic con this summer and bought me a Sailor Moon plushie - how sweet is that?! Definitely feel better going into this next week with Moon Power on my side.

10. My parents' anniversary was yesterday. 39 years together. Amazing! My sister and her husband went down to visit and spend the day, then cooked grandma dinner so mom and dad could go out by themselves for anniversary dinner. Have I mentioned how wonderful and thoughtful my sister is?

11. Cleaning is still a work in progress, but the state of the clutter is much better than this time last week. There's still 48 hours or so for me to be useful.

12. I looked ahead on my Clue app, and according to it, my next period is due to start on Friday. HA! Joke's on you, menstrual cycle. I won't have a uterus on Friday. Suck it.

13. I've secretly enjoyed watching the looks on my students' faces when, after they've asked exactly what's going to happen with my surgery, I tell them, "They're gonna punch holes in my abdomen! I'm imagining a hole-puncher going through skin to get to the guts and stuff!" Priceless. I also figure that if I'm upbeat and make gross jokes, they'll be less nervous. I've got a few who are really worried about me, and I don't want them to fret.

14. I love my job. I'm going to miss it dearly while I'm in recovery-mode. I don't want to be out of work for five weeks!

15. I've had green tea withdrawal. Can't have it because something in it could react poorly with anesthesia. Black tea doesn't react poorly, so I've been drinking that, but it's not the same. I cannot wait to have a glass of green tea again. I'm craving it.

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Aug. 20th, 2017 08:36 pm
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Five minutes into The Defenders and I'm bored. I have zero patience for fight scenes anymore.

Honestly I'm only here for Jessica Jones. (I DNF the JJ series because it hardcore triggered me, but I fell in love with her and I'm hoping I can enjoy her in this one without a panic attack.)
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- My local online news feed has had two big breaking stories this weekend so far: a van crashed into wall but nobody was injured, and a photo of a cuddly toy lost at a local event.

- Funko Four and his 2D Tardis.

The Fourth Doctor and the Tardis

- Reading, books 2017: 84.

79. Calling Major Tom, by David M Barnett, 2017, very soft science fiction novel, and I mean soft in every sense of the word. The point of view characters are Thomas Major the first astronaut travelling one-way to Mars, Gladys Ormerod a 70 year old grandmother with dementia, Ellie Ormerod a 15 year old granddaughter trying to keep her parentless poverty-line family together, and James Ormerod a 10 year old grandson who might want to be a scientist. Other characters abound and are decently fleshed out, including a Black teenager from Ellie's class at school who is called Delil (I don't think I've ever met a Delisle who spells his name Delil but anything's possible in Wigan, I suppose). The plot is ridiculous and sentimental, and pays tributes to It's A Wonderful Life as well as Space Oddity, although it also reminded me of an Ealing comedy by managing to be funny while telling uncomfortable truths about society but without being realism. Warning: contains a brief incident of mild racism from one of the pov characters, although not portrayed from her pov, but written skillfully, and frankly actually painfully amusing in the way that socially embarrassing older relatives sometimes are when they're -ist from decades old habit but with no current malice and one doesn't know whether to flinch or laugh at them. (4/5, goodreads = 140 ratings / 62 reviews 4/5)

• Unrepresentative quote: When BriSpA's Chief of Multi-Platform Safeguarding, Craig, was in the Royal Navy he was generally known as Hammerhead due to his habit of smashing his head against doors, walls and other heads after too much drink. Those days are in Craig's past, as is the nickname, though he sometimes uses a variation of it when he frequents certain online forums that require a certain level of anonymity. At least until an assignation is organised in a dark nightclub, or sometimes on a moonlit heath, where for the purposes of identification he carries a dog lead though, of course, he owns no dog. Craig does own two cats, named Ethel and Frank. He will know he has found true love when he meets someone who knows that those are the names of the parents of Judy Garland. He is still waiting.

• Another unrepresentative quote: And that but hangs there in the still air between them, buoyed on the heady scent of flowers in Laura's garden, threaded with the lazy flight path of droning bees, suspended from the brittle, drifting spiderwebs.

In the suds

Aug. 19th, 2017 09:15 pm
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I finally got to the end of my Kindle reading list... just in time for Amazon UK to have a sale on Georgette Heyer books. So I promptly ten and thought to myself that I'd read them in between other things. A little bit of light-hearted, sparkling historical romance is good for my brain from time to time.

It was a very good plan. But I've just started my fifth Georgette Heyer novel in two weeks and I haven't read anything else at all. I'd contemplate asking for an intervention but I'm giggling too much to care :)
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Photos of the Boston construction of America's first subway system.

"On Jupiter, which has 69 moons, it's possible for there to be multiple eclipses occurring at the same time. On Pluto, whose moon appears much larger in its sky than the Sun, total eclipses can happen every day for years on end." [Video]

"The only music that was allowed were classic composers, or simple folk tunes, whose words were all about how great socialism was." So Soviet Russia got an underground cottage industry in illegal music...recorded on discarded X-ray film.

Doctor Who co-creator Sydney Newman advocated a female Doctor in 1986. (As well as some very '70s companions.)

People tend to lose track of actual facts about the Bible, including how Lovecraftian it is: There are twelve pearly gates, they're carved from a single pearl each, and they are never, ever closed.
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saw the rifftrax "the five doctors" live show last night with a couple friends. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS EXPERIENCE. :D
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Sleeping tree, Paignton, Devon 05-17

- If your idea of ~love~ involves submitting me to violence then that's abuse not love. I'm not here for privileged people insisting that disprivileged people should ~love~ violent abusers such as racists and fascists.

- My crisps claim they were cooked by Andre7. I'm now trying to work out if there are likely to be seven people called Andre working in a regional English crisp factory, or whether Andre7 is some sort of clone or android who needs rescuing. /Seven of Nine

- Reading, books 2017: 82. I've now reached all my unwritten reading goals for 2017 except my total goal which escalates, 26 to 52 to 104. Novels, adult: 26 (+2 short story collections). Poetry: 13. Books given away: 52.

78. Letters From Klara, by Tove Jansson (translated by Thomas Teal), 1991 (this translation 2017), short stories. Warning for an oblique reference to the Holocaust in the story My Friend Karin, while at least three other stories evoke mental health problems and/or suicidal thoughts. I personally found the stories in Letters From Klara generally life affirming, always insightful, and often wryly amusing, but I'm aware that many readers seem to find Ms Jansson's adult short stories bleak and disturbing: I suspect this depends on the mental state brought by the reader. (5/5, goodreads = 54 ratings / 8 reviews 3.5/5)

• Goodbye: They said their goodbyes in the front hall, with an affection that was perfectly genuine but that committed them to nothing.

• Weathering: By morning the storm had passed.
His jeans had dried. One day he'll find the boatbuilder's address in his back pocket.

• Something nasty in the woodshed... literally: Since the summer is over tomorrow, I've nailed shut the door to the woodshed. Sometimes it's good to make a decision. But I'm going to show the murals to my daughter.

• On returning from a sneaky smoke break while staying with one's overly religious and puritanical extended family, lol: When I got back, I stopped in the doorway and burst out, "How nice it smells here - just like home!"
Aunt Elsa said, "It's denatured alcohol. We're washing the windows."

• Hattitude: They began their trip by boat. Their friends stood on the quay and waved. Up on deck, Mama was clearly visible with her white hair and her large light grey hat, broad-brimmed, strict, with a low crown - the very epitome of hatness. She hadn't changed her headgear since 1912.
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I just finished The Entropy Effect by Vonda McIntyre and it is one of the best Star Trek books I've ever read.

I've read more enjoyable ones. In terms of sheer enjoyment levels, Vulcan's Heart probably still comes out on top, but Vulcan's Heart has Spock/Saavik, pon farr, Romulans, Tasha Yar, and Sarek. I cannot be objective about that book because it is plugged directly into my id. The Entropy Effect is better written. This is hardly surprising given that McIntyre won a Hugo a few years before she penned it. Clearly the woman knows her craft. But I was frankly disappointed in Enterprise: The First Adventure and didn't know what to expect with The Entropy Effect. Having read it, I suspect that McIntyre may have phoned it in a bit with The First Adventure. Entropy Effect feels more polished, and more...weighty. In a good way.

Also, the cover art with a mustachioed, long-haired Sulu is a sight to see.

So now I'm reading Vulcan's Soul, which is a trilogy written by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz, the same authors who wrote Vulcan's Heart. The Vulcan's Forge/Heart/Soul books is basically the canon of the Spock/Saavik fandom, which is a tiny little corner of fandom that I'm inordinately fond of despite not being especially active in it.

I'm meh on Vulcan's Forge, love Vulcan's Heart for the aforementioned reasons, and don't yet know how I feel about Vulcan's Soul. Based on the first little bit, I suspect I'm going to land closer to Forge than Heart, but we'll see.
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Having names for things is so nice. I used to think, "I need to remember to bring something in case my anxiety spikes" and now I just add to the packing list, "emotional first aid".

In my case, this is usually a book or three, a journal, peppermint oil, and my ear buds so that I can listen to ASMR videos and soothing music on my phone.

That's the travel pack. At home, it also includes the heating pad, and hot showers.

What, dear DW, is in your emotional first aid kit?
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"[Kevin Pratt-King] had asked McCain for help after being diagnosed with the same form of aggressive cancer, glioblastoma. Instead of offering aid, according to Roy’s tweet, McCain advised them to move to a different state."

"Social workers began going door to door in San Juan housing projects, explaining that a pill could be taken daily to prevent pregnancy. Once women were told what the pill did, they signed up by the hundreds. However, these women were not informed that they were part of a clinical trial or that the treatment was experimental."

"Side effects [of the vaginal implant] can range from chronic pain and loss of sexual function, to major complications like the implant protruding through the bladder, or bowels, even necessitating removal of organs ensnared in the mesh. It can shrink inside your body, slicing through nerve endings, tissue and organs."

"If someone makes the effort of going to doctor after doctor, and all they are given is a pat on the head and told, 'Oh, sweetie, you'll be OK—you just need to smile more,' that is a failure of the physicians." Article covers both social biases (like doctors assuming a woman's problems are psychosomatic instead of doing tests) and biological ones (like researchers only testing on male mice, leaving them with huge gaps in knowledge regarding biologically female humans).

"The Gay Men’s Chorus posed to illustrate the impact of AIDS. Those dressed in black, with their backs turned, represent those who had died." This 1993 photo is a punch in the heart.

"The military spends five times as much on Viagra as it would on transgender troops’ medical care."

And for something more hopeful:

An experiment, recounted in comic form: If you put rats alone in cages, they'll addict themselves to morphine. If you put them in an enriching environment with a bunch of other rats to hang out with, they'll avoid it.

Gisella Perl, the "Angel of Auschwitz" -- who got that title by providing abortions, so the Nazis wouldn't have pregnant Jewish women to experiment on.

"As what was thought to be the largest referral service in the country, which referred an estimated half million women for abortions in its six years of existence, the [Clergy Consultation Service] had significant market power that it leveraged to reduce the going rate for an abortion." The name isn't a euphemism. It was literally a coalition of Protestant and Jewish religious leaders.

"Intersex advocates are rejoicing at a paper released by three former US Surgeons General. The surgeon-generals called for an end to forced medical surgeries on young intersex people."

Fic: The Trolley Problem (Adult, 1/1)

Aug. 16th, 2017 09:04 pm
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Title: The Trolley Problem
Characters/Pairing(s): Twelfth Doctor/Missy/Simm!Master; brief appearances from Bill and Nardole
Rating: Adult
Word count: 7,131
Spoilers: through "The Doctor Falls"
Warnings: none
Beta: [personal profile] platypus
Summary: Two weeks and four ethical dilemmas in the life of Missy, Queen of Evil.

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