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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

It's been six years since I did Yuletide and I can't remember if I wrote a Yuletide letter or not. I think I must have, actually, but it's buried deep in the depths of livejournal, so I'm not going to dig it out and review it. I think what I'm trying to say is that I'm sort of winging it in this letter, Yuletide Author, so feel free to ignore at will if I'm getting a bit too, ah, babbly.

As far as my general tastes go, I like slash, het, and gen in equal measures. Two of my fandoms I am quite happy to have any fic whatsoever in them. In the other two fandoms there are ships/characters that I'd like the fic to be about. I adore plotty fics as much as I do character studies and I also really like worldbuilding, post-canon, and pre-canon fics. I am fine with whatever rating you want to write as well—from G to NC-17—though for most of these fandoms I'd probably rather have a little plot in my pr0n than PWP. Don't worry that you're going to isolate me by experimenting with form! I like experimental prose just as much as I do the conventional kind.

Basically, I am good for what you want to throw at me.

Request One: Promethea (comic) - Any

Promethea is my very favorite comic ever. I would completely adore ANYTHING you would write me for it. That being said, if you'd like to narrow it down to make things easier, I would totally love to see fic about one or more of the 20th century Prometheas (Margaret, Grace, Bill, and Barbara) during their tenure. Feel free to have characters from other ABC titles guest star if you want. I love the entire line of comics.

As I said above, I am REALLY EASY when it comes to this fandom. And since I just spent the last week rereading the entire thirty-two issue run, my love for it is at an all-time high. Write whatever you like!

But if you're looking for ideas to build the story around, I have about half a dozen: a Little Margie Adventure! A fifties-era team up adventure with America's Best! Something with the Five Swell Guys! (Maybe what happened to Roger in Suffragette City?) Grace in Hy Brasil! Any of the Prometheas when they first became Promethea! Promethea vs the Night Queen! After the End of the World!

Are you looking for ships to write about? Trish/Juan! Barbara/Steve! Charlton/Anna! Sophie/Carl! Grace/Stacia, Stacia/Agent Ball or Grace/Stacia/Agent Ball! The Tragic Love Affair of Bill and Dennis Drucker! And those are just canon ships. I could dig some crackships too if you want to write that.

Or, or, or what if the original Promethea child decided to manifest herself on her own somehow and become a science heroine after the End of the World? Oh wow, that could be awesome.

I'm sorry. I'm babbling. I just love this fandom so much and I'm ridiculously full of ideas for it. Anyway, like I said before, please write what you want. Any Promethea fic would have me over the moon.

Request Two: Mansfield Park – Fanny Price, Edmund Bertram, Mary Crawford, Henry Crawford

Fanny/Mary/Edmund/Henry is my Mansfield Park OT4. I adore them in any and all combinations, from the canonical to the incestuous. Fanny/Edmund, Fanny/Mary, Mary/Edmund, Fanny/Henry, Henry/Edmund, Mary/Henry, Fanny/Mary/Edmund, Fanny/Mary/Henry, Mary/Edmund/Henry, Fanny/Mary/Edmund/Henry... it's ALL good with me.

Like I said above, anything with any of those four characters would make me happy. But, um, if you want to write some crazy partner-swapping AU thingy in which they eventually all end up in the same bed together, that would really make me happy. I'm more into working with the Regency setting than Modern retellings, but if you do want to write a Modern, then go for it!

Of all the fandoms on this list, this one is probably the one I'd be most happy to get a PWP in.

Request Three: Shimotsuma Monotagari/Kamikaze Girls (2004) - Ryuugasaki Momoko, Shirayuri Ichigo, Post-Canon

Momoko/Ichigo is totally my OTP for both the movie and the book. I would LOVE to see what happened to them after the showdown with Ichigo's gang.

Although the request is for the movie, I am happy with book or movie-based stories. The form just wouldn't let me pick both at the same time. Anyway, I would love to see What Happened Next with Momoko and Ichigo and I would especially love it if they stuck together either as friends or lovers. (I ship them together, but I also friendship them together, if you know what I mean.)

Request Four: Dust – Joan Frances Turner – Any

ANY fanfic for this book is fine with me. Seriously. Slash, het, gen, whatever. I adore the source material and can see so many opportunities for awesome that I hate to restrict your choices.

Like Promethea above, this is another fandom where I would be ecstatic for any fic whatsoever. And like with Promethea, I will toss out a bunch of ideas that you can ignore at will in case you want something more to work with than just the grand declaration that anything is good with me.

So! Fic scenarios: something from Jessie's hoo days! Something from one of the other Fly-By-Night's hoo days! How any (or all) of the Flies died! Florian and his long unlife! Scenes from other characters' unlife! Life at a thanatology lab! Jim and Lisa after the car crash! Jessie's parents after they make their exit from the book! Billy and Mags after they make their exit! Lisa, Jessie, Linc and Renee on the beach after the book ends! Everyday life in a world just like ours except that the dead rising up to eat you is a perfectly normal hazard of life!

And there's always pairings of the undead: Jessie/Joe, Billy/Mags, Sam/Ben, Linc/Jessie, Jessie/Renee, Lisa/Renee, Jessie/Renee/Linc, whatever! Fighting=zombie sex. (No really, it totally does. Joan said so on twitter a couple months back.)

Like I said with Promethea, you don't have to write any of these scenarios. Write what makes you happy. I just really want there to be fic for this book because it is an awesome, awesome book.

Anyway, thank in advance for my fic! I can't wait to see what you write me!

Becky (biichan)