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Aww, there's no option for "zombie vampire Time Lord"? D:

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If I had that as option no one would vote for anything else. I want to force people to choose just one.

(Although "zombie vampire Time Lord" would be my first choice otherwise.)
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I see your Matt Groening show reference and raise you a different Matt Groening show reference: I believe "SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS!" says it all.

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*Uses appropriate icon because I has it*
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It's one of those charming nicknames they get in the Prydonian Academy - Koschei, Sigma Theta, Ushas and Jesus.

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Jesus always brought snacks.
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Fish sandwiches! If only he could do that water to wine thing only with custard.
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Wait, if Jesus is a vampire and Catholics drink his blood then doesn't that mean he's their sire and they're all vampires.... o_O

OH NOES!!1!!