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the cries of strange birds ([personal profile] biichan) wrote2008-03-02 08:23 pm
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Letter To Remixer:

Hello! *waves*

Most of my fic will be here at Teaspoon and an Open Mind. I also did a Bruno & Boots fic called boys! grow giant squid in your bathtubs! for Yuletide a few years ago if that's more your style. If you don't find anything that strikes you right away, just wait a week or two and I'll probably have another Doctor Who fic up.

I'm pretty much fine with anything you choose to do in your remix. I like slash, het, gen and femmeslash. You want to make a story with a pairing gen or experiment stylistically, that's cool with me. My safe story (Amour Vincit Omnia) was chosen because I wrote it as a horror story and I didn't want to chance someone rewriting it as straight-up romantic quest when actually the Tenth Doctor's actions in it are quite monstrous and his point of view is rather messed up.

Anyhow, I wish you luck! I look forward to seeing what you do!